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Actually there is something very wrong with our doctors and medical system, but its not that patients know more than doctors. The real proble m is that doctors know that pure opiates are more effective and safer than benzos and synthetic narcotics, but they hope the patient doesn't know this, so they lie and say that ultram is safer than percodan, because they are afraid of the DEA, but they don't say that, they just say its safer, in the hopes that patients are ignorant and will take there word fot it, because they won't admit to the patient that the real reason is because of the DEA, otherwise patients would demand the safer drug regardless of the DEA, thus subjecting the doctor to more scrutiny by the government. I agree that many docs are playing with a very dangerous combination of drugs rather than prescribing the safer drugs. For example i left a pain doctor after being prescribed a stew of drugs. I was originally on zoloft 150 mg daily prescribed by my psychiatrist purely for depression. I was having severe pain however from nerve and spine problems, so i went to a pm doc 20 miles from my house. This quack kept me on the zoloft, and prescribed neurontin 2100 mg a day, elavil 50 mg daily, amantadine (used to treat the flu and parkinson's disease according to literature) 400 mg's a day, and darvocet 100/650 up to 8 per day. I kept up this regimen for 3 months even after having some pretty severe side effects, both neurological and gastrointestinel. In addition i was getting maybe a 10-15% reduction in pain at most, even with 6 darvocet a day (my pharmacist told me never to take 8 a day, which i already knew anyway, regardless of what the doc said because of apap toxicity). After the tree months, i left after he refused to do anything but raise the elavil. From what i read after leaving, the elavil-zoloft-amantadine-neurontin combo was rather dangerous, and indeed i was lucky not to have even more severe side effects. My new pm stopped everything but the zoloft (which i was previously on anyway) and prescribed oxycontin 10 mg's twice a day, and oxy ir up to 3 a day for bt. All of the severe side effects i had ceased immediatly, and my pain relief shot up to 80% most of the day. In other words, the oxy was 4 to 5 times more effective than the combo of 5 (some 22 pills per day) i was previously on, and with maybe 5% of the side effects (just some fatigue in the beginning and mild constipation) and no dangerous neurochemical interactions. And the first guy did all of that just to avoid prescribifng a safe and effective opiate because he was scared of the government. He was willing to risk my life, how crazy (even my new pm doc said he was playing with fire and had dangerous prescribing practices. Yet the DEA would investigate my new doc before it would ever look at the old pm doctor, how insane!) So it seems as though the government puts all the emphasis on these relatively safe and effective medications (oxycodone, morphine, hydromorphone, hydrocodone) and ignores the prescribing of more dangerous classes of drugs including anti-depressants, benzo's, synthetics like ultram, and stimulants like adderil and ritalin. This is totally backwards, but who ever said the government made sense?! The only thing we can do is just be informed patients and don't rely on your doc or the government to make the best decisions for you without being proactive and educated. Take care everyone. :)