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Good Morning :wave:

What did you not like about the Wellbutrin? I was on it for four weeks until 3 dahs and couldn't deal "no sleep" any longer. From the first week of "NO" sleep, my doctor kept saying it would go away hang in there. Three weeks later I had an appointment with her and said. "No sleep Dr. for 3 weeks straight. 1 hour one night, 3 at the most once during the week. She sent me home refilling the Wellbutrin and gave me Restroil. It affected me do badly, meaning wired and rapid heart beat alllllllllll night. Hang in there with the Wellbutrin and for pain do pilates, how do you do pilates if the pain is so terrible you cannot sit longer than a few minutes. After not sleeping the past two nights 0 hours she has finally said stop, cold turkey stop. Regarding the pain worstening and being off the Wellbutin cold turkey and no working sleep medicine....I am worn, a zoombie.

Well that's my lovely Wellbutrin days to come without. Wish I knew something that would help. Past meds:welbutrin, celexa, zoloft for anxiety. (Not on any presently.) Pain: Ultram, Percocet, Darvocet, Advil, Bextra) Nothing now Sleep: Ambien: Still trying hang in there for need of desperate :yawn: sleep....not working but at a 3% rate. Restoril: Opposite effect, wired and completly awake.

Want so much something for the pain, sleep and alertness. Any assistance with be so GREATFUL! :wave: