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For the last 5 months, i have constantly had phlegm in my throat, mostly in the morning when i wake up and at night past 8PM.... i have slight allergies to cats(i have 1). It was livable for a while but then i had my first anxiety attack about 3 months ago.. just a small one but the doctor gave me ativan and trazadone to help me sleep... Ive since been moved to zoloft because i was feeling foggy and in the last week or so the phlegm has now gotten so bad it feels like a knot in my throat.. it almost hurts to swallow, and i can feel my sinuses totally draining.. I tried allegra D for the allergies and that did nothing, i'm not understanding why this knot hurts so much more at night(during the day its not so bad).. what can i do to rid of this? i'm sick and tired of trying to swallow every night 30 times an hour :(