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I'm 49 as well and experiencing perimenopausal symptoms. I am on Zoloft to help with the mood (depression) and have a severe lack of progesterone so I am on provera as well. I had a uterine biopsy two weeks ago with some abnormal cell growth, and I have to have another in 3 months. My supervisor (a woman) is a complete a** and will not take any medical excuse and is imposing restrictions on me that are not helping my mental state.
Hi f33l h3lpl3ss,

Thank you for your response. Somehow it helps to hear what others are feeling and how they are coping.

You mentioned Zoloft , is it helping with the mood swings so associated with perimenopause?

I am sending you many positive thoughts regarding your biopsy and also the frustrations you are having at work with your supervisor.