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Pilates? How is that supposed to help you. It's a bandaid just like massage is. Aside from the Elavil causing weight gain, did it help reduce your pain? If so, then it is definitely caused by a sleep disorder and you need to see a sleep clinic who is well aware of how sleep disorders affect fibro.

Wellbutrin kept me wired for two weeks. I was having panic attacks. I was anxious. I came close to giving up several times. But I had read it takes two weeks for the body to get used to it so I pushed through the first two weeks and have been fine ever since. I can't say for sure if it affects my sleep. I have always had insomnia so I don't think it affected it negatively. If I can't sleep I pop an Ativan or a Gravol. It's not the quantity of sleep. It's the quality of sleep. Even a good 5 hours of quality sleep is better for fibro than 8 hours of poor sleep. You need to get to a clinic. They will/should test you first without being on any meds. Then a couple of weeks later they will test you on the meds. The difference in my sleep patterns were amazing and therefore the diagnosis was easily made. Zoloft made me gain 20 pounds in a couple of months. I went from 100 to 120 without changing my eating habits. I quickly went off it and lost the weight. Every pill had some side affect for me except Wellbutrin SR. Elavil made me very groggy in the morning but I was on it for years and just dealt with that side affect. Keep pushing for a sleep test.

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Thanks for the response. You certainly have a wealth of insight and you have really me "hoping." I have bounced from doctor to doctor and currently see a rhemy and she is only treating the severe pain with "PILATES"....how do you do the Pilates if you are aching so badly. I have never went to a sleep specialist but have suggested it several times. I am now going to PUSH it. Wellbutrin SR kept me very wired and made the sleep issue much worse. Unfortunately Elavil packed on the pounds...it has been a now win situation. Do you have a problem with Wellbutrin and sleep? I very much appreciate your thoughts. I hope the day comes when I can say what you have. Good for you!!! :wave: