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I have had tmj(grinding my teeth) and have been getting massive headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain from the grinding. I have tried the bite guard and it doesnt work, muscle relaxers dont work. I have had ringing in my ears since 98, then it died down after a few months and didnt bother me for 4 years till about 5 months ago and it has been terrible. I have been taking lortabs to help with the headaches, but sometimes they don't work. Does anyone else have this kind of pain in their neck, shoulders, and head? What treatments are out there to help? Thanks for your help.

[FONT=Georgia] :eek: I have the same as u and have for about 5 yrs now so,,, To keep it short i take and antidepressant Desiprmine, a pain blocker Neurotin, a sert reuptake Zoloft, and a blood pressure med inderal Note all this is preventative, then when i get the headache i take butabutal, or flexeral, or a spray called migranal that works about 95% of the time. Now for what i have Chronic muscular tension migrains, TMJ, IBS which are all linked together and Fibro now too i think. I see a neurologist since the common side effect is headaches and the insurance wont pay for TMJ. Good luck to you, fill free to write me back if you want.[/FONT]

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