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I'm going on 10 years with this disequilibrium disorder, and I also get the shakes. It's not like kind where I shake constantly, but rather, small parts of me shake in little bits. Or sometimes (for example) when I walk down the stairs, I will internally shake all over. My shakiness level depends on how I"m feeling in regarding to my symptoms and the severity of my symptoms. Sometimes it almost feels as though I am "weaker" than I should be.

However, because of these horrid little and big symptoms, I don't exercise near as much as I can, and the same goes for activity. So a little exertion can make me feel "weak" and shakey.

I think it's more of a bodily reaction to feeling so off balance all the time, and then trying to move "normally". I also feel that because I have a habit of holding myself tightly to prevent the "rocking" or "swaying" feeling, that after a while, my muscles may tremor or shake because of that. Consciously I have worked hard at not maintaining such ridigity, but I know that I still do this.

And other times I feel my body trembling for no reason that I can think of.

I was exposed to an air-borne viral infection (Parvo Virus) in the late 1980's. I caught it from working in a rehab center. I was left very weak for quite a long time (almost one year). I feel that since then, although I am relatively healthy despite this imbalance issue, my immune system has been compromised from that viral exposure, and between the weakness from that, coupled with the lack of activity on a regular basis over the years from my current symptoms, well, I can see why I would shake or have something along those lines.

Also, just a thought - I had the "shakes" when I was trying out a medication called Zoloft. Literally, my hands would not stop shaking of their own accord, and I always felt that the inside of my body was trembling. Those symptoms went away as soon as I stopped this med, and I can tell you that it was pretty quick that I ended that adventure.

I try to eat well, and make sure that I eat enough. I also stay hydrated, and when I don't feel well, I take care of myself (don't over do it).

Low blood sugar can also make you feel shakey, as can dehydration and lack of sleep. Worry and illness too. So take care of yourself!