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as of late, i have been getting very little sleep. its really been my fualt cause i go to bed late and get up early. I have PVC's and am on Toprol Xp 25mg to slow my heart down and attempt to correct the problem. About a Month ago i stoped taking me Zoloft for anxioty cold turkey, i only took it for about a month anyway. I dont know if its from my lack of sleep or my meds. When i get up in the morning i seem fine, its when it gets night time when it hits me. Any ideas of what maybe going wrong.

oh and i was at the ER for chest pain on last saturday night, they took chest xrays and ekg and blood test, found nothing wrong but my PVC's. Any Help?
:) wow same thing is happening to me. I stopped taking zoloft and also xaniacs cold turkey. I have also felt very dizzy and tired. I have been off of it for two weeks. Should I start taking it again and then go off of it slowly. I cant drive or anything I am so tired and dizzy