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Hi there,
Its really good to be able to correspond with someone who knows what I am going through. When i first went to a doctor/orthapedic surgeon six years ago when the pain first got really bad, he thought i was making it up to get out of school. It was only this year that i finally found a doctor who listened to me. In the six yrs where it went untreated it of course deterioated, and the nerve damage in my legs and arms is quite extensive. I know what you mean when u say some days when u stand you think they are going to break, thats exactly what i feel sometimes. I too was told that a physcial rehabilitation excercise program wouldnt help because i was already 19 ( oh my goodness so old!!!!) but for the past 9 months i have been going really hard, and i really do feel alot stronger because of it. I still have restless nights from the leg pain. I too am on anti-depressents- 100mls Zoloft. Its all about coming to terms with it, and how its going to affect life i think. Its been a really tough year, but i can see things improving, as bad as things get, just trying to keep positive is what i have been TRYING to do. I have been on a fair few meds that seem to be helping. I am just hoping things will keep getting better.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, not many people respond to the scheuermann disease posts, so im glad i found you!!!
Good Luck!