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Hi Bornavol,
Yes, Topamax is notorious for weight loss. My sister (who also happens to be a nurse) lost about 60-70 pounds on it. She was taking it for migraines. Luckily she was a big girl to start with and loves the results (not to mention the effect on her migraines). Mind you, she was on a VERY high dose...probably too high. She felt like she was an airhead all the time with the amount she was on. I also took Topamax as an anti-seizure medication but I could not tolerate it. I started losing my hair, which is another side effect unfortunately, but fortunately not for everyone.
I know it is not legal here in Canada to prescribe Topamax for weight loss reasons but I think they do in the States? I know it is at least a consideration.
I am also on anti-depressants (Wellbutrin, just off of Zoloft, and about to begin Luvox) and I know too well the weight gain factor. I agree that the drug itself doesn't cause the actual weight gain, but the effect on your appetite certainly does. I've always been small, about 110 lbs, and I gained 50 lbs on a tricyclic. The name is escaping me...maybe Clonipramine? Luckily I've been able to shed 40 of those pounds just by being off of the one drug. Wellbutrin also helps as it can cause your appetite to slow way down but again not on everyone. I'm rambling now but I sure can relate to antidepressant side effects and the weight gain. It's just that every drug reacts differently to each person. Trial and error unfortunately.