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I am sure you will get many repsonses to this post. It hits such a nerve with all of us. In fact, I posted the same question months back when I was at my worst.
I think depression and chronic pain go hand in hand. The physical pain is sometimes not as bad as the mental pain. One thing I found to help was a support group. People who really understood what it was like and I could talk with.
Medication. For me it was zoloft, others use something else. But I find that the more we can manage the pain, the less the depression is in intensity. I do not know what meds you have tried, though I do remember you talking about oxycontin, methadone and duragesic I think...
One thing for you and everyone to look for which is quite exciting is a new drug in clinical trials called prialt. It is a non-opiod calcium channel blocker which is thousands time more potent than morphine. It was found to be made synthetically from austrailian sea snails. It has already done thru all three phases of clinical trials with great results. Not only is it so strong and non-opiod, but it doesn't make you develop any tolerance. Do a google search on Prialt and you'll see all the info. It is made by Elan Pharmaceuticals. It is delivered by pump, and I am sure ikt would be developed for oral consumption at some point. It is slated to be on the market first quarter of 2005.
So you see, there are new promising things coming out. Keep your mind, body and soul as strong as possible until then. We are ALL in the same boat and ALL empathize with you. That is why we are all here.

Wishing you peace !

Hey Linda, I read your post and I think I can relate to your problem. I am 33 yr. old male and I had a super job and a beutiful wife and two georgeous little girls, 3 and 10. Well I got hurt a little over a year ago at work and have had 4 back surgerys since then. I had the last two surgerys while I was in the hospital for two months. Well 4 days after comming home my wife told me she wanted a divorce, so within a two week span she packed everything up and left with the girls. I cannot work and have lost my job, most days I cannot even get out of bed because of the pain. I was on oxycontin for almost a year and recently switched to methadone while in the hospital, I have to say it has worked alot better than the oxy did but still my pain is awful. Well since I cannot do much I have had to come stay with my father and his wife witch is 3 hours away from where I live so I cannot see my girls anymore.I do call them everynight but I have been so so depressed about all this that I have felt there is no way on this earth that anyone could imagine my physical or mental pain! There is not a day that passes that I dont break down, like right now, my neurologist put me on zoloft for depression but I cant tell any difference. I geuss I just want you to know that you are not alone with your depression. I do pray alot and that does help and also I have met two wonderful friends on here and one of them has really been there for me for a while now and that has helped alot also. All this has happened to me in the last two months so everyday is a challenge for me right now, so I hope we both can find some happiness soon. I f ya wanna talk I would love to. your friend, rlcowboy