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hi folks- i take benadryl liquid sometimes to help me go to sleep it is not addicting. i do not take ambien or stuff like that anymore as it plays havoc with my digestive system. but you cant take benadryl if you are taking other stuff that may interfere with you other meds...be careful about mixing junk together. i also take sometimes xanax and am on zoloft anti depressant. i take b complex vitamins and coral calcium try to stay away from the neurontin and other pain meds as they play havoc w digestive tract. when i was in th hospital i only took morphine shots. also the percocet and soma has sulfite perservatives in them also it does not specfically say some on the ingredients but i found out that it does contain that and i am allegic to sulfites.

sept 20 02 car crash. C 5-6-7 anterior and posterior, 3 pints blood tranfusions, two level hip bone fusion with 11 screws and 4 titan plates on Feb 03. 2 HNP T section 8-9 9-10 buldge at 7-8, L5 L3 S1 HNP stenosis at foraminal l5 with severe lateral recess. CTS left hand/mild. right torn rotator cuff. depression also