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Hi, I'm Vixation and I'm 51 (feel like 19 when I'm not depressed). I went to a psychiatrist 11 months ago just being overwhelmed with life and told him some pretty dramatic life events (keep in mind---they just write prescriptions). After his writing/my talking and crying he diagnosed me as bipolar (after 7 months of mind altering medications being switched and my thinking I was losing my miind) I got a second opinion (finally) who told me I was misdiagnosed....he just was in a hurrry to get me started on these horrible mind altering drugs (they're good if you NEED 'em) but my brain was scrambled and I cried and sobbed on these medications and had night terrors....when all I had was an anxiety disorder and went on Zoloft. After 6 weeks of Zoloft 200 mg I felt suicidal....NO more pharmaceutical drugs for me...I found a wonderful website called Amoryn.com......I ordered it and have been on it two days now.....all those psychotrophic meds I went on and off of....they about blew my mind and I almost took my life. They're just not for me. I'm sure lots of people swear by them and all....but I'm not bipolar and the drugs/side effects were MUCH worse than I was when I was a little anxious walking into that first psychiatrist's office. Just thought you'd like a little insite about going to a professional.....don't trust just anyone who has a prescription pad in their hand. Understand? Read the website I mentioned....it's awesome and all natural......sounds like the answer, and I PRAY it works for me. [ removed ]

Peace and love.