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oh thank you. I am on Zoloft right now for GAD. I will be flying to MO to see my family next weekend. That will be good. I will also be bringing back my Chihuahua puppy, I have been sad without a dog in my life, I know he will keep me busy and get me out of the house. I love my cats, but you know how cats are:)
I know what you mean about that kind of md and their people skills, I have seen three now, but this one was the only one who treated me "badly". So far my MIL an RN and my dad who is also in healthcare, both agree with the second opinion. So does my hubby, which REALLY helps.
I agree that some is probably referred pain, but it feels just like it did when I first had the injury, which resulted in my surgery. I can't ignore that. I like the suggestions you have made above. My dad also said to try and forego the injection, he has had patients who also say they just hurt and didn't help, as mine was the same way. I feel better now that I will be going in a different direction.
Now, this question: Do I still go and see the Pain Clinic???? The main reason to go would be only for the ESI, I still don't know if I can go with that or not. I haven't decided. My MIL suggested I just explain to them how terrified I am of the injection and how poor my last experience was. I dont know how to follow up with that one.
I am going to get a list of specialists under my insurance plan (luckily I don't need a referral) and take that list to my work and have my rehab drs I work with tell me who they would suggest. They would know good drs since they are the ones that rehab the back patients after they have sx.
Another question: How can I get info on the dr? Can I look up credentials online??
Well, thank you so much again for all your help (everyone). Hopefully I will finally get my definitive answer soon.