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Im Not Sure If Anyone Can Relate But Its Worth A Try So Here It Goes.

I Have Been Wellbutrin Xl For About 4 Months Now. I Noticed It Helping At First Especially After Taking Zoloft, But Now I Feel Like It Has Lost It's Effect. I Feel Like The Anxiety Is Still Under Control But The Depression Is Coming Back. I Stopped Taking It For A Week But My Anxiety Slowly Came On Along With The Depression. I Went Back To Work Fulltime A Little Over A Month Ago After Being At Home With My Children Fulltime For Awhile. I Felt Like The Depression Was Stress From Working, My Husband And Trying To Continue To Manage Everything With 3 Children On Top Of That. I Know I Should Not Have Stopped My Meds Without Speaking To My Dr But I Didn't Want Him To Change Me Again If You Know What I Mean. I Also Have Xanax To Take As Needed And I Have Found Myself Taking It A Couple Times A Week Now, From Before When I Would Take It Every Now And Then. It Also Makes Me Sleepy And I Need All The Energy I Can Get When I Get Home. Maybe I Am Just Overwhelmed And Frustrated, I Don't Know. I Started Back The Wb Xl Today, Hopefully I Will Be Ok. Thanks For Reading.