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Well this is now Day 5. Yesterday i noticed more irritability, but i was always irritable, so I have not a clue if it is from the meds or just me! LOL Other than that, I seem to be more tired today than I had been. In 2 more days I am supposed to up the does from 150mg to 300mg. So I am hoping to bounce back up again.

Thanks to both of you for reading this, It is helpfull to think I am not typing to myself! LOL I too smoke, and don't smoke too much, but I hope it helps me, although I have read on many boards that the weight loss and other things show up in about 2 weeks. I am not going to "try" to quit, but if I do because of it then great. I smoked for 10 years before quit for 6 then started again last year LOL. How stupid huh. Anyways let me know how your progress goes! I do not know anything about swithcing meds, because this is the first one I have been on in 10 years. Back then I tried Prozac for a couple months. I also tried A zoloft and it knocked me out cold! So that was the end of that. It is good to have support that understands completely how you feel so lets keep in touch! Before I was prescribed these meds (and decided to look up a board about them or depression itself) I didn't realize how many people out ther efeel how I feel. Because I never classify myself as depressed, just tired unmotivated and numb. (DEPRESSED DUMMY!!!) Well I guess I see it now. It does run in my family, my mom has been diagnosed with clinical depression for years. She is on effexor and something else. I think zoloft. Before that she was on prozac for years, and if she didn't take it whithin a few weeks she was flippin out trying to beat everyone up! So i definetly know that some people really do NEED the meds. I suppose I could live without, but my kids suffer I suffer, I do not want to live normal life, I do not play with them, lose my temper, leave messes for ever (or get mad if I finally do clean it up) And feeling tired all the time I am just sooo sick of it!!!! Thats the only reason I decided to go ahead and try it. So best of luck to both of you!!!! :) ~Natalie
PS Georgia Girl 404 whats your name? Maybe we can track our progress together. Whats you history in all this stuff????