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Hello all.

I'm new here. I apologize if someone has already asked this question in a previous post, but I was wondering if Zoloft can affect your sleeping patterns.

My doctor recently put me on Zoloft and I seem to be having a real hard time getting to sleep lately. :( And when I finally do fall asleep, I end up waking up (approx. 4) hours later, only to find that I can't get back to sleep again.

Anybody have any idea what might be going on or have any suggestions what I should? Should I stop taking Zoloft altogether, or take it only during the day, or take it only at night?
hi and welcome to the boards!

i was on zoloft for about 3 months and while i was on it i had a terrible time trying to sleep. at first, i experienced what you did; i had a hard time falling asleep and then once i was asleep, i woke up every few hours and had a hard time falling back asleep. then, it changed and i had difficulty falling asleep altogether. i wouldn't be able to fall aleep till about 3 or 4 in the morning, and then i'd only be able to sleep (straight through) till about 7 or so. it was horrible because i was tired all the time and i never felt rested because i never got to REM sleep. talk to your doctor, maybe s/he will change the dosage you are on (i was on 150mg a day) or change your medication altogether. i'm currently on 75 mg of effexor xr and it's doing wonders for me. i wish you the best of luck, keep posting and let us know how you're doing!

All of the ssri meds like zoloft can cause insomnia initially until your body adjusts to the drug. Occassionally the the symptom persists. I have a few recommendations that maybe you can discuss with your doctor.

Try taking the zoloft in one single daily dose as soon as you wake up in the morning. By the time you go to sleep at night, the drug should have weared off some and you might be able to fall asleep through the night.

If your still having a problem there are many sleeping medications that you can use at night to help you fall asleep. Some may be more addicting then others. Two examples of less addicting drugs are Elavil (a tricyclic antidepressant) and Trazadone (an antidepressant that doesnt fit into a particular category of antidepressants). Also an aniti-histamine drug called vistoral works well. Lastly, there are benzodiazepine hypnotics (like restoril) and non benzodiazepine hypnotics (like ambien). As far as addiction goes, you can successfully wean yourself off any of these medications under the guidance of your doctor so dont worry.

Ofcourse the only other option i can think of, is to reduce your daily zoloft dose or try another ssri that might not be as activating (such as paxil or luvox). If that fails, you can try a tricyclic anidepressant or remeron.

hope i helped a bit, good luck
You don't say why you went on the Zoloft in the first place and how badly you felt you needed it.

BUT ... if you're asking whether one of your options is to quit it altogether and you really feel that this is an option for you ... then I say, YES, YES, YES!!! Quit it now and RUN!!!

As a well-wisher and someone who has had nothing but major aggravation with these SSRI's, my well-meaning advice to you is to get off this evil roller coaster before you even start! Look for natural, less potentially harmful solutions to your problems, although it may seem like harder work than just popping an "innocent" happy pill! NOT!!!

You're already looking for one way to counteract the insomnia, next you'll be looking for a way to counteract the next side-effect, you'll be given other potent mind altering drugs to add to your mix, and then looking for ways to counteract the side effects of the new drugs ... and on and on and on. You get my point. Soon, you won't know whether you're Arthur or Martha, your brain will be so fried. (I'm still looking for a way to learn how to spell again!!!!)

Be smart!!! Be careful!!! Be good to yourself! :angel:
It's different for everyone, but in my case, I would wake up at 4 or 5 am every day, and then by early evening I was completely exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open. I couldn't seem to get on a normal sleep schedule again, so eventually I just adjusted. Pretty much the whole time I was on Zoloft (a year and a half) I got up at 4 or 5 and did my exercising and came online for a while before work, and then I went to bed at 8:00 at night. (Now that I'm on Effexor, I have the opposite problem - I'm up until all hours and then can't get out of bed in the morning, but that's another story!)