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The very same thing happened to me. Tried 10mgs Lexapro for a month and then my dr upped it to 20mgs. After about 3 weeks, I just got worse , felt extremely sleepy . I felt really down - alot more than when I was on 10 mgs.
Detached , irritable, couldn't care less about anything etc. I was scared I was going to spiral downhill .
Thats my experience on going up to 20mgs. I think for me it was too much .

By the way, I've tried ( in this order) : Paxil, Zoloft, Luvox ( one day - terrible reaction), Prozac, Celexa , Lexapro and now back to Celexa -20mgs at the moment.
I've tried Wellbutrin ( to help stop smoking ) along with the Zoloft as well. It worked for awhile for the smoking but since I've started again, I don't take the Wellbutrin.
Its really hard to find the right med and dose. I'll take a .25 Xanax as needed which is one, maybe two a day. Sometimes I don't even need one but am glad to have them. I carry them just in case ..... good luck to you both .