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I'm really concerned about your symptoms, being endlessly tired, the depression and now it appears anxiety is settling in too with the racing heart etc. It's not good and REALLY think you should just grab the bull by the horns, take the plunge, and try an SSRI......I just keep hearing the words of my Dad's doc friend who said it can become more and more ingrained into your physiology (the anxiety) if you don't break the cycle......it's like your hobbling around with a broken leg and it needs a cast on it to heal.... you could just start with trying a half dose and see how it goes. You won't become hooked on it in 2 weeks that's for sure. You'll know within a week or two if it's going to be ok with you and I'm pretty certain it will be. Sometimes you have to try and find the right one that works best for you too (ie. Zoloft was no good for me whereas Cipramil was instant relief). I think you'll feel better just knowing your trying a whole new attack on this. And imagine if it works???....and you start seeing some serious recovery happening. It may not kill the dizziness overnight but at least you'll feel mentally charged again and could get out there and work, hang out more with friends etc.....all of these things will help you recover. This has been my experience and also of another girl I know who only got over labs after taking an SSRI and getting back into her life fully. She was lucky...it all ended in 6 months for her. Don't know if you saw the post I put up re the clinical trials on Cip. That's a pretty good indicator of the side-effects and invloves HUNDREDS of people.....most of the sides will go within a few weeks too. I reckon even if you did a search on the side-effects of aspirin, you'd find a bad story out there on the net.

When are you getting these heart palps btw?

Scott xxxx