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Hi everyone,
It's been some time since I've written on here. Things aren't going so hot for me right now... I've been very stressed out, and depressed for the past couple months, and I am still considering going to see a psyc. and get back on meds, because right now that's the only thing I think would really help me. My question is this: Is there anything they can give you to help you NOT gain weight on the meds, if you find that happening? I ask because that is the #1 reason I haven't been on meds for 2 years, even though I really believe I should've gotten back on them about a year ago. When I was 18 (I'm now 21), I went on Zoloft for depression (she never said I have anxiety, but I believe I do). I lost a bunch of weight for about the first 8 months on it, and started putting it back on--and then some. I believe I gained about 15-20 extra lbs, and haven't been able to lose the weight since. If I was to go back on Zoloft (because it helped greatly for the depression), and (hopefully!) lose weight initially, when I start to put it back on, do you think there'd be anything they might be able to do to stop that? When I finally got fed up with the weight gain last time, my p. doc said that she'd give me something to help me lose weight, but only if I stayed on the meds. I thought I'd be ok without any ad's so I took myself off cold turkey.
So, if anybody has any thoughts or opinions on this, PLEASE let me know. I am desperate for some insight on this because I don't trust doctors (of any kind), 100%. Thanks for taking the time to read this, it's really appreciated.

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Welllbutrin is one antidepressant that isn't supposed to cause weight gain and, in fact, has been shown in some studies to aid in weight loss.

I would think another alternative would be to go back on Zoloft but this time with your eyes wide open - ie exercise more, control your daily food intake, etc.

Personally, after all the havoc wrecked by fen-phen, I would be really afraid of taking a weight loss drug unless I was morbidly obese. Just my .02 cents, of course.
Its weird how some anti-depressants make you gain and others don't . I have been the same weight pretty much throughout my life . Until I went on Lexapro. ( I have had quite a few other ssri's too - everything but effexxor).

When I went on Lexapro in June of this year, I put on 10 pounds in about a month or so. Its like I had to eat and eat. Junk snacks, Appetite was almost uncontrollable. I personally believe taking meds changes your metabolism but I am going thru menopause which , I'm sure, is also be a player in my weight gain problem.

I have returned again to Celexa and its funny, the appetite is "normal" again with no urge to eat and eat...Plus , I am more aware of it now, at this point in my life....

I 'm not sure what (?) the dr could give you to help you lose weight whilst on zoloft. The only offering I can give you is to be aware of the appetite changes when taking an a.d. I sure wish you much luck ...