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Hi Love my way- I was diagnosed(finally) with depression when I was 5 months pregnant.I was put on a syrup prozac as the didn't have a 5mg dose in pill form.But I was so naseous from the preg. that I was told not to take it.But I did start back on after I had my son, who is now 10.I also have a 17 year old.I am told it will be a life long thing and have come to terms with that as much as I can.I have been on and off about 10 meds as they can't find any to work for any period.I have been on prozac off and on for about 4 years, wellbutrin,trazadone, celexa, zoloft, and a few more I forget the names of.It is a roller coaster but who has a choice?I need something.It is a tough battle and I have isolated myself to where I have no friends just because it is so hard to understand my mood changes.But it sure gets lonely as it is just my son and myself.Thank you for the welcome and I would love to chat more.