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I'm getting so frustrated. Last september my GP put me on Prozac, I was really depressed (PTSD) and had attempted suicide. I got a little better after a couple of weeks, kept taking them until I felt at least able to function and hide it from people even if I wasn't happy in myself. Then at the start of December I just sunk back into depression for no reason, slowly, it was New Year before my boyfriend made me go back to my GP. She made me stay on them until March when I attempted suicide again and then she had to admit the Prozac wasn't helping and switched me.

So March I started Zoloft. And I really thought we'd cracked it this time. I felt a zillion times better than I ever did on Prozac, I was actually happy and functioning, I went on holiday with my best mate for two weeks and had not a single bad day or flashback, it was a real turning point. :D Everyone assumed I was better. But late July I could feel myself starting to slip. I thought it was post-holiday blues but it hasn't gone away, and it's gotten really bad again. People are starting to notice, and I'm desperately trying to stay normal for them but sometimes I feel so bad I just sit and cry for hours on end.

Why do the AD's always work for a few months and then stop? :confused: It's so frustrating to know I can be happy and make other people happy and not worried, and yet keep sinking again.