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I have had terrible side effects from Zoloft. I have taken this off and on for the pass 3 years. Just yesterday I started taking it again because I feel anxious and worrisome more then usual and since I had the rx still I decided to go back on it.( I was originally prescribed it for pms) I started by taking the 25 mg last night and today I feel like absolute mess. In addition to feeling sick to my stomach all day I also feel foggy and at a loss for the correct words to say at work (almost like being slightly drunk). In addition the jaw clenching is really weird. Also this stuff makes me wake up hours too early and unable to fall back asleep, therefore exhasted all day! I now remember why I need to stay off this stuff I worry so much that Ive already done long term damage. I hope the 25 mg pill I took last night gets out of my system soon. I am going to try to stick to exercise, good vitamins and maybe therapy instead of running back to the zoloft. Anyone out there had depression reaccurance since they went off zoloft?
Thanks for listening-Im pretty new to these boards! :wave:
Hmm, I just started taking Zoloft today that the doctor gave me when I went to go see him this morning with my mom and sister. Im currently taking the very small little green pill. So Im not sure about the side effects and the difference.
Well I went off Zoloft about 2 years ago, and for about a year I was pretty much completely depression-free. After that, I'd have small bouts of depression--maybe a day or 2 every couple months, but it wasn't full blown. Now, I'm back in a depression quite deep (but still not as bad as when I had decided to go on meds a few years back), and thinking I may need to go back on AD's, but I'm scared to gain any weight... Which is why I went off Zoloft in the first place.

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gosh, you sound just like me ! I seem to feel detached , drugged, sleepy , etc . I just posted about my variety of drugs ( it might be on this page).

Sounds like what I went through with a couple different meds. Luvox was the absolute worst for me as far as what you're describing. The others weren't much better either. And when the zoloft didn't seem to work, I'd try another one. Prozac I think. And then Celexa and so on and so on.
I'd try something else for awhile. Honestly, I wouldn't take time away from one before I'd start another so I can't tell if the depression would return if I go off a drug and take NOTHING for a change. I sometimes think they're ALL causing me to feel worse. I just hope meds don't have some down the road long term effect we don't know about yet. These ssri's have not been around that long . I'm kinda worried too about possible long term effects down the road. There can't be any long term studies on Lexapro yet - they just came out with it in the last couple of years. Who knows what we're doing... sigh
Are we better off maybe not taking this stuff? I don't know but with my history of trying just about everything , I'm considering jumping in YOUR boat with the exercise.
hey there Wiskers and Donna ( and hope I didnt scare you DJ- Zoloft may be the drug for you!)
Thank to you for responding to m ypost. I am acutally feeling alittle more like myself today. Have decided to go and see a phyciatrist (sp) tomorrow (got in on a cancelation!) Maybe talking my fears and anxiety out will help. I want to see if I even really need the med's or if my gp was just writing me a rx. I do know that i need to keep busy otherwise I tend to obsess about all this too much- Sometimes I wonder if the cure isnt worse then the problem.. Hang in there- 1 day at a time :angel: