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Has anybody here ever combined pamelor with zoloft, or pamelor with wellbutrin? If so, did you take one medicine at night, and the other in the morning? Or at the same time?

If anybody here has had experience with this please let me know how it worked out.

Do not combine zoloft with pamelar. Zolft significantly increases blood levels of pamelar and can lead to cardiac arrhythmias and other serious adverse side effects. The only two ssri's or prozac type meds that can be used safely with pamelar are Celexa and Lexapro.

As far as using pamelar with wellbutrin, there are no known potential serious side effects noted to date so i believe the combination can be used safely.
i have experinced with zoloft and pamelor for years but dr stopped me and i went different dr they said cant be together. I disagree with them because i have no problem with it.