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Thank you for reading and replying. :) Yes, we do seem to have some things in common. I am full of anger, but not as much towards others as I am at myself. Just like right now, I feel nauseated because I have drank 3 cups of coffee, it is early in the morning, and am suffering from anxiety. KNOWING that caffeine makes my anxiety go sky high, I continue to abuse my body.. I feel like noone can ever truly like me, because I don't even like myself.....EXAMPLE: This is probably how I will spend my day...I will go into the kitchen, pop a couple of tranzenes, because I am having coffee jitters, and worrying. Then I will take the Zoloft, (which actually seemed to be working pretty good until I started drinking more and more). Then I will probably go to bed, around the middle of the day, and sleep for a couple of hours, cause the benzos. seems to have that effect later on in the day...I will wake up and feel crappy..Only thing that may be different today, is this..I have decided to stop drinking, but I know what those kind of withdrawels feel like, so, it will take alot of will power..and most of all prayer!!
I am glad that that 12 step program helped you..I was constantly reminded by different family members of every physical flaw that I had..They were always just tryng to help? BUT what I needed and still need to this day is somne encouragement, which is something I don't get very often...Thanks so much, I would love to hear from you again..