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Hello Scott and Chris,
Thanks so much for your support and recommendations regarding the anxiety issues, diet, neck problems, etc.
Two days ago we had our carpets cleaned and when moving the furniture around we found TONS of mildew and mold growing behind chests, under tables, on shelves, etc. I am mortified! We live in NE PA where it has been really damp and cool this summer. My husband likes all the windows, doors open, even during the rain, etc. I am sure this is how it all started. I can't imagine what is growing under the carpet and in the upholstery! I was treated for mold and mildew allergies with injections for 13 years when living in New Jersey (a moldy state on the ocean!) While I don't have a runy nose, asthma or sinus problem, I am wondering whether this mold growth is exacerbating my inner ear problems. When I was diangosed with VN I was in Florida. I gradually improved over 3 mos (typical) and the got dizzy again when we came back to PA. Good again in Florida for the winter and returned to PA in May and again started again with dizziness and fullness in ears in June and I have remained this way since. I had an allergy evaluation and tests showed I didn't have a strong reaction at this time to molds/mildew. I just had a CT scan of my sinus which was normal but will consult with Dr next week and show her a game board we found with all the white fluffy mold on it. I feel somewhat allergic in my ears and throat.
Does anyone have any experience with allergies and our inner ear problems. Sometimes a decongestant and ibuprofen make me feel less stuffy but the disequilibrium continues......Do you guys have any trouble driving.? Somedays it is a real challenge but I try to ignore the sensations and keep moving. I live an hour from any major shopping area and it's all downhill mountain driving, UGH!
Again, my husband is absolutely NO support on the mold issue! You would think being a veterinarian he would at least give some thought to the medical process going on....I think he is as fed up with disorder as I am. Since the Dr's don't have a cure I think he thinks most of this is in my head......as a result he drinks excessively at night and is absolutely unavailable if I need him. He has made he own life, goes his own way and has left me to figure all of this out myself. No wonder I am having panic attacks. I hate being alone when I feel out of control. Scott, I admire you for being able to not fret about your anxiety when it happens and being able to accept it, even though it makes you angry. I still get very scared.
I am considering going on an SSRI. What side effects, if any, did you have, Scott, when you started the Ciprimil? I tried Zoloft a few years ago and got really nauseaus on it after just 2 pills. How long does one stay on them? Until we're free of all the symptoms?
Thanks again for your encouragement and suggestions.
Feel good,
Hi Linda,

Hearing your husband's reaction makes me feel sad/mad actually as I know how important support is through this ordeal. That you've managed to soldier on regardless of the lack of support is pretty heroic on your part I think. For what's it worth you can tell your husband that there is another person on the HB (me) who is completing a PHD in biochemisry, has a huge science background and continues to suffer with similar symptoms and it's NOT all in the sufferer's head (well it is literally - inner ear) but you know what I mean. Maybe he'll believe it from another male! And I agree, strange that being a vet, he can't get his head around an inner ear disorder and all that it entails - ie. cognitive disturbances and anxiety from the central nervous system upset.

I think the main reason I can deal with the anxiety much better now is because 1) I know it 2) the strength of the anxiety is not overwhelming as it once was and 3) I know I can wake up my fiance and say "I'm freakin". So I'm no superman with it that's for sure.....and Cipramil definitely got me back on my feet and back in control to handle it. Early side-effects (week 1) were a slightly unreal feeling and some nausea. I also felt indifferent to everything around me. In week 2, I started feeling TONS better and slept much better. Some side-effects continue such as reduced sex drive (ie. don't care one way or the other most of the time) which I really hate, feel like eating more so have to watch the weight, and a little sleepy occasionally. Also think it gave me some mild myalgia which comes and goes. None of the sides are to the point of being really annoying though. Zoloft was horrendous for me btw....increased my anxiety 5-fold and made the dizzies go nuts. Felt dreadful for one week and got off of it. Cipramil was a completely different story. Instant relief from the angst. I'm only on a small dose too which gives me hope that getting off the stuff one day won't be too difficult. I would recommend it though Linda if you are ready to try it.

Not sure about the mould thing especially when you don't show many allergic symptoms and your tests were pretty much negative. Might be a coincidence. I get pretty bad hayfever but it never interacts with the inner ear garbage.

Keep in touch about how the meds go if you decide to try it again.