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Hello Everyone,
I recently posted, about two weeks ago, an issue conserning gym class - my breathing & abnormally pounding rapid heart rate.
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Anyways, the problem is still continuing, and not lessening with exercise, etc. But my doctor took me off of the Zoloft, Trazadone, and Zyprexa...
Now I'm only on 300mg of Wellbutrin & 30 mg of Adderall XR.

Knowing that I still have the annoying & aggravating heart beat issues... plus extreme exhaustion now occuring all the time plus a side order of insomnia & fatigue- I decided to do something I pertain to not doing- researching my meds- and found out a lot of things could be just side effects of the meds.

I'm 17, weight 125 lbs @ 5'10. I guess I'm sorta thin, but I'm wondering if maybe it's just too much meds for my system and everything is running in overdrive... OR SOMETHING. Doctors think I'm a little wacked... and my family just insists on changing my meds constantly, dumb idea... but I don't know what to do anymore. I'm going on 4 years bipolar & no change, no progress, but I am more than willing to do what it takes to get better. I finally came clean about the suicidal attempts, cutting, slitting & complete crappiness I've been feeling. So that is on it's way to recovery... now I'm just very very irritable, dizzy...lethargic, exhausted soo easily, so insomniac-ed, ahh!

So it appears some success might happen psychologically, but physically... I AM EXHAUSTED! This is nuts! I feel like someone kicked the crap out of me! I try to take a nap to get a little more back on trap... AND I CAN NOT SLEEP! Ahh!

Some of you guys have to have it worse, indeed, but this is just annoying & I would like some input.

Thanks, it is much appreciated. If you want any additional info. - just ask.