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With the way I am feeling the discectomy did not work, it's weird but I can alost feel my other discs degenerating. It's funny but, if I woke up tomorrow and all this was healed like it never happend, I would not know what to do, I am so use to being miserable that I forget what normal feels like. I hear ya on the fiance thing, mine is so tolerant, although sometimes he has misplaced anger, so he'll yell at me, when in reality he is scared and clueless just like myself. I am just so tired ya know? like I could sleep for months and it still would'nt be enough......to top it all off, all this has put me in a depression (as if you can;t tell from my cheerful posts right?) so now I am on Zoloft, and to make things sop much worse...when my boss talked to me today he started of the conversation with "I don't know where your heads at but...." I felt like saying YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!! then flipping him off and quitting......arg!!!!! but I just cried and made an *** of myself, it is so depressing when you realize someone else seeing how loopy you are. But its real crappy when they call you on it though......it's none of their business, if I went into detail of all tha tis bothering me, he could use the material to write a book I swear it!!! oh well enough of the pity party....sick of me yet guys?

Amy :angel: