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I am new I came here in search of hope maybe answers to the health issues my second daughter has been diagnosed with, its rare and a bit overwhelming, its called autoimmune inflammation of the bowel disease, so when she's healthy she's really healthy but when she's sick like right now, its really really sick and when she's sick it attacks different parts of her body each time. I'm going through what I see as the fight of my life for her and her sister with their real dad via the court system as he is seeking sole custody after I have done all the parenting for the past 10 years and now he has gotten temporary custody of them. I am two states away as my current spouses career took us here, which by the way the courts see as simplistic and feel well maybe my husband should just up and quit his job and move back to where we were, where by the way the career field is saturated and he wouldn't be able to find a comparable job even if we did, we've tried. That makes me mad, we deserve to live a good life and provide for our family without struggling but in the courts eyes who cares. Plus today my supposed lawyer told me to even attempt to deal with all this its going to cost more than anyone could ever phatom spending, and so I get to sit here and rationalize the loss of my two children whom I gave birth too nutured and gave myself of 100 % to watch them be gone from my life because one person has more money than the other and isn't doing it because of love but out of pure hate and vindictiveness. I want to cry and scream but know it will do me no good, I have no one to vent too as again I can't tell my family as well they just claim I'm being melodramtic, my husband is away for his job and in the meantime I have two smaller children that I can't let see me upset as they would get upset. How can I deal with all this and carry on, laying in bed sounds best. I take zoloft but its not helping me right now... Now what. anyone?