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I would have to say that my depression and anxiety is based on my life experiences and raising, not chemical. But it is still very real and I struggle with it daily. I was on Zoloft for a while but my moods felt “fake” so I got off it

When I was growing up, I was unimportant to my parents. They never encouraged me to get involved in anything, and when I did, such as a sports team or musical instrument or dance…even at the age of seven it was up to me to find transportation. My mom used girl scouts as a way to have me babysat after school. I never got my uniforms on time, I had to drop out because I was too young to hook myself up with transportation they never encouraged me to practice or learn. I never did homework because they never cared about my school work and was NEVER allowed to show emotion; too happy or sad. Etc etc etc you get the picture.

As a young adult, I was reminded of what my mother pointed out to me.. bad skin, bad hair etc etc etc again made to drop out of school sports. I wasn’t allowed to have friends. She didn’t want me to go to college etc etc

As an adult on my own with an average income, I struggle to get by, I hate my current job, can only take one class at a time at night school as my budget permits. I feel like I will never get ahead. My parents continue to want me around but ignore me

My current friends and boyfriend have boosted my mood and self esteem, but it is still a struggle. I can lift my mood by keeping myself busy and enjoying my hobbies, and doing the things that my parents always discouraged me from doing whenever it creeps up on me. But it’s always there
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You seem very logical and knowledgable on this subject -- can you give me any emotional/thought tips to help me start losing the weight that the ADs put on me?

I'm going to add to this subject, which admitedly I don't know a lot about -- if anyone here is an expert, please jump in and correct anything that needs to be corrected.

I have read and heard that the ADs affect your metabolism and your liver. I think the Prozac Truth website provides information on this. I'm Sandalla has lots of pointers to other places too. But in addition to what MrOwl says, I suggest looking into ways to flush your system (detox program) and actively alter your metabolism (exercise, eating the right foods). I saw a D.O. after going off Zoloft about a detoxification program. I don't trust myself to take the right herbs, so he put me on some homeopathic remedies.

Go see the movie "SuperSize Me" about this guy who ate at McDonalds for a month. He changed his liver dramatically by eating fatty fast food and gained 25 pounds (in ONE month). His doctors were begging him to go off the diet by week 3. His girlfriend is a vegan chef and she put him on a 2 -month vegan detox diet at the end of the 30 day fast food diet. Still, it took him 9 months to lose the 25 pounds and he's a pretty active guy.

This showed me the biological battle we're up against... once you mess with your liver and metabolism, it takes firm resolve and TIME to heal yourself. I'm still trying to lose 5 more pounds of the 10 pounds I gained while on Zoloft. I've been off Zoloft for a year. (Mind you, I've backslid some in my diet and resolve, so this is partly my fault.)

I'm not trying to be negative, just providing another perspective. I am very optimistic that I have been healing, that I will be able to heal and move on.