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I was successfuly off of the meds until this year. I was involved in a head on collision last September which broker 3 bones in my back along with disc damage. My Dr. prescribed Elavil to me and now I feel I am in the vicious cycle again.

In the past I had taken Zoloft, Prozac, Pamelor, everything under the sun it seems. Things were getting really bad in my life at the time. Every time I told my Dr. that the medication was creating a bad effect, he'd give me more, or another drug to take to combat the effects! It came to the point to where I was missing work due to the problems of the medicines (while driving I started to "see things" coming towards me") and I decided I wanted to stop.

I could never stop though it seemed, I always hated the withdraw symptoms. My husband one day came home and dumped all of my medicines down the drain. I remember I was totally awful for a week but after that something happened... and I felt alive again. While on the meds I felt like I was in somewhat of a "daze" if that makes any sense. It was a relief, the calm after the storm.

Of course I don't know if that was success because here I am on Elavil (my Dr. prescribed for headaches) and I'm having trouble getting off of it :(