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I have been helped by the SSRI's greatly with my OCD, anxiety and depression. The first one I ever used was Zoloft, it worked wonderful for the 5 years I was using it, I was able to get in social situations with no problem and basically nothing would make me mad or dwell on bad things. I went off the Zoloft about a year ago thinking I didnt really need it anymore, and I was fine for about 6 months after tapering down. I lately have started getting the social anxiety again and dwelling on bad thoughts all the time, so I decided to try Lexapro. My sister takes it and said it works better for her and she had no side effects at all. I have had a few, but much less than the Zoloft when I had first started it. Its been a week I believe, so of course its too early to say if itll work as well as the Zoloft did for me, lets hope so :)
:nono: I too was reading all the posts and got to the point of thinking I needed to give up my meds.But then I realized that after 11 years of different meds that now being on celexa, it is the first time that I no longer fantasize giving in to horrible thoughts of ending it, and my moods are finally stabalized to where I can go for a full day or two without major mood swings.I know if I went off it would all return and that is just not an option for me, I finally got to a point where I can function for the most part.I still can not function outside of home, ie: hold a job, or deal with stressful situations, but I am farther along than I ever was.I just need to find the other booster that will get me back into the world of the living, tried effexor xr, wellbutrin xr, topamax, but too many side effects, but I am still in there fighting to find the one and I am not ready to give up.I too am a lifer and can remember as far back as my early teens feeling this way( I am now 39)- so for me it wasn't situational, it was just the way I was born.I take after my father and many others in my family, and just got the luck of the draw- ok not luck.But if it wasn't for meds I don't know where I would be now.I am thankful for celexa and the things it took away.I have tried soooo many but finally can say one is working.So it is trial and error, but you keep going as one will finally give you relief.I tried prozac a few times, but it always quit working after awhile, zoloft, effexor, wellbutrin( these two before they come out with the xr ones), lithium, and about 2 more that I can no longer remember the names of, and some of these I tried twice.But if I didn't try I never would of found the one that gives me some relief, and I have a long way to go, but at least I am on my way.Sorry for the long rattle, but I too feel that there is a case when meds are a needed option and I am glad for your post as it has made me realize that I do need them and that is ok.All the best to all of you and thank you for letting me yak for so long.Keep the faith and it will help you make it through whatever med changes you may need to go through.( and I don't mean religion- not that that is bad if you do- I meant faith in finding the one to work for you and keep trying.Hope I kind of made sense- I will go back to bed now- before it turns into a book. :yawn: :D