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You are definitely not alone! I was worrying myself a couple of weeks ago thinking about the future dark and short days, the gloominess, and my funks that I tend to fall into. I had a very tough time last winter. I feel like it gets worse every year, and every year I tell myself that there's no way I can handle feeling like this NEXT year.

Yes, I take the Zoloft, and I thought about increasing my dosage to help me through, but I'm tired of depending upon my well being coming from a bottle. The winter months seem to stir up negative emotions in me. I have a really tough time getting a focus on things and motivating myself when I have no set agenda for the day.

It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone, but I am sorry to hear that other people feel this way. Why can't it be exciting and fun like when we were younger? We looked forward to Halloween and the holidays? Now it all seems like a burden. Hmmmmmm.... how do we find the fun in it all again? :rolleyes: