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Well I went to my appointment and my dr. prescribed zoloft, half for depression and half for anxiety. Sometimes I think I feel relieved like the pill is working but other times I think there's absolutely no way it's working. The dr. said it takes about 2 weeks to work though and it hasn't been 2 weeks yet. I was just wondering what other peoples stories were with this? Did it help you out alot? My mom just read a story in the newspaper about an 11 yr old who was taking zoloft and it said it actually made him more depressed leading him to commit suicide and that kind of freaked me out so I guess I'm just looking for some support here.
Well, i'm supposed to take zoloft...BUT...i haven't for awhile due to personal reasons. But when i started taking it, it work great!!! I really needed it, now I don't due to personal reasons, and I feel fine. Its helped me greatlly. I would recomend it :)
I've been on zoloft [email protected] 8 years now and it changed my life. I don't think i would be around today if i did't start on it. as far as the suicide goes I don't think you mentioned your age but i would think it would be tough to tell if it as the meds. or the deppression that caused the suicides. In theses days of lawsuits against
drug manufactures i would think it would of been pulled by now. It's sort of like giving someone with cancer a drug to help and then suing the drug company saying it caused them to die of the same cancer. I'm able to function in situations i never would of without it.most of the time a dr. starts u on a anti. they start u at a very low dose to slowly ease you into it so the side effects are not bad (which they were not for me) and slowly increase your dosage. I started on 25mg and worked up to the 200mgs i take now. u might just not be to the dosage u need yet. keep the faith and keep in touch