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Hi...My family and I are in some really trying hard times with helping my Mom who has been diagnosed with a Major Depression...This is her 3rd bout in 13 years and the last time she LITERALLY would not leave the house and that was for approxiamately 2 years (she refused any medical attention last time)..Now since July, it's happening again..She is seeing a Therapist and Psychotherapist once a week...They had her on Zoloft for about 6 weeks and now they changed her to Lexapro....She still has those negative feelings of worthlessness and claiming she doesn't want to leave the house because "she doesn't look good" and "she doesn't feel good"...Her physical appearance definitely did not change...We are a loving family and are encouraging her with positive thoughts but it seems to go through one ear and out the other...Is there any family going through this or any member that feels this way too? My question is, how do we help her get out of the house? Do we force her or beg her? She once again literally won't come out of the house or answer the door or answer the telephone etc...she's retreating and is refusing to do anything but sit in her chair...She does manage to get out of bed, take a shower and cook but then she just sits in a chair all day long....we feel like she isn't trying and isn't following the therapist advice when they tell her to try to do a small task a day..walk around the block, clean a room etc...We've been trying to do it with her and she refuses. How long should it take before she get out of the house and starts changing? What can we do for her other than be supportive and positive? Do we have to be more forceful to get her out? Someone please help!! Thank You So Much :(