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I did have those symptoms when I was taking Zoloft. But not on the Wellbrutrin...Make sure you tell the Doctor this side affect.
Quote from crys68:
I started taking Wellbutrin XL about 7 weeks ago...Almost instantly I noticed a dull headache almost daily and a tightness of my jaw with a feeling of having to open my mouth to stretch it constantly. Even a tightness of all my neck and shoulder muscles...Is this just a coincidence or has anyone else noticed this? It is becoming more of a pain than it is worth..Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

As I mention before, I had this problem when I started Zoloft and I have been off my meds now for 6 weeks and I am still having this problem....in my jaw..hummmm..I plan on telling my doctor about this one more time. Mine feels like it hurts even into the ear a little bit too..You should mention this side effect to your doc...for sure :rolleyes: