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hey, thanks for asking! Last week, I went from a pack a day to six a day. Then, on Saturday, I went from the night before til four pm that day w/o smoking, but I was getting very jumpy and not feeling well (serious anxiety). I decided it may not be best yet to just try and stop. SO, gonna cut down to four a day, then go to two a day the week after next. We'll see how that goes. I am already on Welbutrin and Zoloft, so I don't know if there is another drug I can take that will take the anxiety edge off. That is the hard part-I will have a piece of gum then spit it out ten mins later and put a new one in, and tootsie pops, oh gosh, had four already! That ten pound gain after stopping may happen. I feel hungry all the time. Would an appetite suppresant be good I wonder? Gosh, between my back, bm problems, and this smoking cessation-I am a walking pharmacy!
I hope to have great news within two weeks! Thank you so much for asking!