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Wow! Sounds like you get all kinds of side effects from meds. I don't usually seem to have much trouble, other than when they put me on Neurontin for chronic back pain, it makes me real "spacey".
Anyway, I think I will take up your offer of info on the other meds you may have taken. I also took Zoloft for 10 years. It worked great but then just quit working too. Have you ever found a good one that DOESN'T effect your libido in a bad way? My dr said wellbutrin is the only AD that doesn't have sexual side effects but when I took it years ago, I felt too weird and detached from myself - like I was looney bin case waiting to happen! If you know of anything, let me know! Thanks, and hope you are feeling better soon!
Hi vamp36; glad you're not having any side effects with the cymbalta. Let me know how it goes with the increase in dosage. I've heard that one should start slowly and work up, so you're on the right path. Funkyheadgirl, yes I seem to have lots of problems with side effects; they are sometimes worse than depression itself in my opinion. I found zoloft to be sort of my "base" ssri, in that various drs seem to have come back to that for me when I had trouble with other meds. The only real problem I've had is it makes me rev too high, I get reved up and nervous and it also causes anger. It also has bad sexual side effects, at least for me. I found that wellbutrin - both xr and regular -- was one of the few that didn't have sexual side effects; in fact my love life improved quite a bit on wellbutrin. But wellbutrin again caused me to be jumpy and wound too tight. They say that remeron also has no big sexual side effects, but I've got so many other problems with it, I just have to put it aside. Hope you're feeling better with the new dose of cymbalta - let me know how it's going. I'll let you know if my doc puts me on it or if I win out and maybe go back to prozac, which agreed with me several years ago. Good luck. :)
Funkyheadgirl - just wanted to let you know my dr. is starting me on cymbalta at a low dose. I'm to get remeron out of my system and start it in a few days. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Let me know how you're doing on your dose and how much you're taking, and when. I forgot to tell you that I also have had experience with serzone (no sexual side effects, supposedly), lexapro, celexa, and seroquel, among others. Can't say that any of them worked for me long-term, and I generally came back to zoloft as the one I could tolerate the most, even wwithout any libido. Hope you are feeling better. TO VAMP36 - how is your 60 mg dose of cymbalta feeling? Hope it's working for you. ;)