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hey there! I am actually doing very well, much better than I had ever expected. In fact, it has been almost easy! I am on wellbutrin. I think it is doing well. I am also on Zoloft though, and wonder if the combination of the two makes it even better. I bought sugarless bubble gum and that has helped, as well as tootsie pops. It really helps that I am not around smoke much. All my friends smoke but they are in different states, and I never smoked in the apt. I did go to the strip a lot this week b/c my sis was in town. That was the hardest, every where I went there was smoke. Sometimes I liked the smell and wanted to light up, and other times it really stank. Especially when I am eating out. I get the urge the most in the car or when I am bored. When we went out on Halloween, I was really really bored, so I smoked two, but I know if we had been dancing or something, it would have been easy and I bet I wouldn't have. It helps to have someone who is supportive. I didn't use niccotine replacements, my hubby didn't want me to become dependent on another form, so we went without. I work with a lady who quit smoking two years ago using the gum, to this day, she chews the gum!!! ALL THE TIME! So, even though she is healthy, she spends more $$ on the gum than she would on smokes. But, you do what is best. It helps that I have so many people who are supportive (plus all of you on here! :) )
Good luck to you-and if you need anything, just let me know!