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sigh, stress levels are spiking really bad right now. I swear I am taking my Zoloft, and I am still taking my Wellbutrin too (that was for smoking cessation reasons though, not for depression). The dumbest things stress me out, doesn't help that my husand and I can be very mouthy with each other and cause quick fights (we are three days apart in age, and both scorpios-you can figure that one out, it can be nasty)-but we makeup very fast too. Still doesn't help right now when we do get into stupid fights. It can be over anything from him saying that me treating myself to a expensive purse being rediculous, which he said was then taken out of contex later, and that he didn't mean me, but others yaddy yadda-I don't need to get into that one, it is just an example of our common fight-we take what the other says the wrong way and get defensive and mad, but it was usually said wrong and we don't realize that until we are making up.
My puppy won't quit pooping and peeing on the floor and it is my fault. He is seven months old, and he was using his pads, but he'd miss (he's a boy) and so I got him a puppy litter box hoping that he wouldn't miss, but now he simply won't go near it and pees on the carpet. Hubby is getting mad, I feel upset. If I can't potty train a dog, how am I supposed to ever be able to potty train a baby??
Plus, my back is getting worse, I want to sleep all the time (bed by two, up by noon,nap by four ish) today, I got up at ten, then went to take a short nap at three-hubby woke me at six thirty!
Now I know I can't go to California, but hubby doesn't want to leave me, but I want him to go. But if I can't drive him to the airport, or atleast myself back, he doesn't want to take a taxi and won't go.
I won't get to enjoy any of the post HOliday sales to get some new clothes, (Trivial, I know, but shopping makes me feel good and it is a tradition for me)-I don't think I will be able to three or so weeks after surgery, but I don'tknow. Maybe he could drop me off at the mall???
I am not so concerned about my surgery now so much as other stuff stressing me out in the mean time. My dog is a big one, I want my mom, I am somewhat scared of this surgery (btw, how big will the incision be in my tummy?), still don't know about my neck.....
I hurt today too. I miss my friends, my family. I worry about my job later, and whether I will get into nursing school. Sorry, I shouldn't be like this, but I have to get it out, makes me feel better. Thanks for listening.
thanks everyone! I am sure I will be fine, most of it is really all the uncertainty of things to come. And, the reason I am on Zoloft is b/c I would worry so much about things out of my control, and here I am trying to do it again. Sometimes no amount of meds can really change who we are.