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I understand what you are going through-I am have a 360 two level fusion (l4-S1) on the 15th, and just recently started to get scared and super anxious, and I am already on Zoloft for general anxiety disorder! It is scary. Folks here will remember me saying "bring it on!" before surgery was finally given to me as an option-I had no problems, after all, I'd had five surgeries already and did great! Well, hmph, that changed this past week. I started getting scared, depressed, anxious, worried. I don't have my hubby to stay with me, I miss my mommy. I was concerned about my future if I didn't go through with surgery like having kids and traveling. These thing were important to me and to me a fusion was the best option to getting me to reach my goals (well, thekids are a bit iffy at this point, gonna wait eight more years for that!)
This is such a great place for support. I get to vent, cry, laugh, question and argue with others on who is right (H'C ;) )
I wish you the best of luck-you aren't much older than I am-I am 27.