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Hi--I am on 25 mgs of zoloft and get forehead headaches every day 2-3 hours after taking zoloft. I get dizzy and confused and like a stupor like part of my brain is blocked--and cant feel the back of my neck--this wont work cause I have to do things like: think, feed myself, drive to work, work, talk, etc, count money, etc. So I need plenty of usable, varied suggestions on: getting off this, and alternatives that work for depression, PTSD and anxiety--meds without those effects. Thanks so much--I want to start this tomorrow,
Maybe you could try an anti-d that is not in the same class- SSRIs- as Zoloft. I'm on a tricyclic that's called clomipramine (generic for Anafranil), which works quite well and actually began working for me less than 48 hours after my first dose. It also has some mood stabilizing qualities, good for my bipolar. As far as the PTSD and anxiety, you could use some sort of benzodiazipine for that... also maybe keep in psychotherapy (especially for the PTSD).
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How long have you taken Zoloft? Are you still just in the first month of taking it? If so, this could be some of the side effects when you first start taking it. Or, if you have taken this medication for more than a month, maybe this is not the right ssri for you. There are many others. Celexa, Lexapro,Paxil,Effexor, Prozac to name a few off the top of my head. Talk to your doctor, sometimes one medication works better than another. Paxil does not work for me, but Lexapro and Celexa do. At the same time, my first two weeks of first taking Celexa I had headaches and dizziness...all of which have passed. A friend of mine takes Paxil because he had problems on Zoloft. Another friend of mine takes Effexor and thinks it is the only medication right for her, and probably is. Lexapro is a common ssri that is being prescribed a lot right now because its newer, and lots of other people have been pleased with the results.As for tricyclics. Mention that to your doc too. The doc will take into consideration your situation and help you decide what to do. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!