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Hi.....This is a nice place. Wish I had joined up sooner. I am new. I am a 39male. I have battled serious depression since the death of my father 10 years ago. I have been on all the meds and have been suicidal at times. Really only my close family knows of my problems. I am a good actor around workers, etc.

I am currently on wellbutrin350xl and klonopin 2 mg a day. I was on 40mg prozac for about a year and zoloft max dose the previos 6 or 7 years before that. Iwas on zyprexa as well but got off because of the weight gain.

I am currently trying to get off of the prozac because I feel depressed for taking all of the meds!!!!. I have not touched it since nov1. 2004. It is Christmas day and I am so sad and alone. I still have bad vivid dreams, zaps, dizziness, rage, sadness, stomach and back pain. I thought prozac was easy to come off of because of the half life being long? It has been practically 2 months!

Does this ring true with anyone else?

My being alone is terrible too. I so much want to meet a decent girl. I feel so detached from life..........this has been this way for a few years. I feel always like an outsider looking in and just surviving. I envy all of my friends that are married and have families, etc..........it just seems God will not bless me this way......no matter what I do! My destiny is loneliness and depression it seems/ This just adds to my depression and loneliness.

I am sorry to put so much into my first post but it is Christmas day and I really hate it!! Such an awful thing to say.

Please help if anyone has advice.