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Thanks again ya'll for the responses.... Still haven't heard anything from MetLife as far as a decision as to whether they are going to extend my benefits or not... called my pain management doctors office and they said that the report from the Occupational Med Doc is on my PM doctors desk, but he hasn't had time to look at it... I did tell them to put a note with it that I want to see what he is going to send MetLife BEFORE he sends it, and they said they would do that....Typically MetLife has 5 days after they recieve information to make a decision.... but when I called them... my claims rep...(new one I might add... said my old rep had taken another position)... anyway she said that the Medical Nurse, and the medical board had given themselves 21 days to make a decision.... they gave themselves until January 18.... to get the info from my PM Doc and make a decision... so its once again a waiting game.... MAN! no wonder I have an appointment with the psychiatrist at my Pain Management doctors office tomorrow and they have put me on Zoloft... this junk is so stressful and depressing to deal with....Anyway... just wanted to give a update on whats going on....Ya'll take care...