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well, I could have had my pharmacy fax the request in, but I wanted Percocets instead of the Hydrocodone, which is what I had from this dr first. So, I had to go in and pick it up myself. He wrote for 7.5/325. At first, I wanted tens, then said fives, but hubby said I should maybe try the seven point fives first, then cut down from there. Man, last night sucked soo bad. Hubby had to get up an hour early and my pain was bad enough I could not sleep. I tossed and turned for up to two hours! I would sweat then freeze, and my temp would go up and down. It was crazy, finally I dozed off. I drove fine, it was really easy. I have blind spot mirrors b/c of a syndrome of the left eye (duanes syndrome, absence of first cranial nerve: left muscles of the left eye are paralyzed, so I don't have good perepheral vision out of the left eye, hence the blind spot mirrors. I can't turn or I get double vision). ANyway, I took it slow and made sure I was careful. Actually, it felt GREAT. The sun was out, and I was driving with my radio on singing to songs. It felt so good. Didn't hurt too bad either, but I didn't move a whole lot in the seat. My car is a bit low to the ground though, but I managed. I took my pain pill and now I am resting on my heating pad in bed. Watching the first of the Scream movies. I will sit up maybe later on, otherwise, today I rest again with meds, and tomorrow I get up to sit more and so on. We'll see.
Oh, I was already on Zoloft for anxiety before all this happened, then wellbutrin when I stopped smoking. I just stopped my wellbutrin today, since three months has passed. Chronic pain causes deep depression, then you throw addicting narcotics in the mix and you have a nice rollercoaster ride. well, gonna keep checking the posts here then just relax and watch tv. My dr gave me 120 count too, so that is good! I better keep an eye on them this time!