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I am filling out. Ever since my surgery I want sweets. My cravings for a smoke are getting worse (and with all this new stress it is WORSE), and I can't stop eating. I never ever ate for comfort. I eat for boredom and am losing my good battle of staying slim. I am not over weight, I am 5'5" or so and weigh around 133 or so. I just don't want it to get worse. If I could work out I could eat whatever and stay the same(have been for years) but now I can't work out! Can I start doing something? I don't know!!!! Seriously, I can't gain anymore.....I am starting to hate how I look too and with me not able to dress nice because of my brace, and my hair is crappy, and now we have no money (shopping even if just twenty bucks makes me feel good). I am spiraling down and I feel like there is NOTHING I can do. HELP ME. I don't want to fall into depression. I am already on Zoloft for anxiety, that is the last thing I need!

Where is everyone? I see many new names(welcome by the way, happy in a sad way you are all here, hope we can all help eachother!) but seems many are gone since my move.
Check with your doctor. A side effect of Zoloft can be weight gain. Maybe you could switch to another antianxiety med
I have been on the zoloft for over a year, so I doubt that is causing sudden weight gain, and I mean sudden. One week I was 129 then two weeks later 134. I know that is not a lot, but when you haven't been active that is scary. I think if I just get my lazy butt off to the workout room and atleast walk on the treadmill, I will lose it and gain my muscle mass back(I don't mind gaining weight if i know it is muscle). I just gotta do it, ya know? My dr hadn't given me any words on what I should do as far as working out etc... I should be seeing him again before we move and I will ask then. In the meantime, walking on the treadmill is a start. I appreciate all the advice given to me regarding this. I got some apples, bananas, and rice cakes to snack on. With any luck I will be able to drop the five pounds in a week ish.