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Okay, so I am taking maybe three or four percs a day now, usually one or two in the am and one at night (7.5/325). I have requested a refill and will probably see my dr soon since I will not be under his care after March 1. My question actually has to do with valium. I have read that many of you here take that with your meds. Well, lately I am getting very very anxious like at night, but not mentally, physically. I feel like I need to run a marathon. I can't get comfy. I don't HURT so much, though I am uncomfortable. I can't RELAX. I get this way in the car too. I have to fly to MO March 1 and it is a three hour flight. I know people say to walk, but if you have ever really been on a plane, you'll know you can't just get up and walk when you want. Usually, the seatbelt sign is on for a while and as soon as it is off, the attendants are up and down with refreshments. Then there might be a few mins, then they are back and before you know it the sign is on again and you are getting ready to land. I know I am going to hurt. I know I will get anxious and antsy. I guess, I am wondering if I should ask for some valium, something to take either WITH or without my pain meds, as I don't always need them, but I still get this way. I am currently on antianxiety meds and don't feel it is the same-meaning the anxiety I feel for my zoloft isn't the same kind I feel for my request for valium. Also, I think it will help relax me A LOT for this flight, and the two hour ride home from the airport. What do you all think? I have Flexeril and Soma, neither do much for me. I do take the Flexeril at bedtime but it doesn't do a darn thing, I think I am conditioned!
So, would appreciate your feedback. Should I ask my dr for some?