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For a long time, my girlfriend has had some depression issues, and lately, anxiety problems. Nothing extreme, but definitely significant. She's on Zoloft for her depression and has anxiety medication as well. She tells me that she's unable to control herself or break out of those moods easily when she gets into them, which leads me to believe it's probably chemical. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm not big into pumping someone full of meds.

This leads to my question...could it be a vitamin/nutrient deficiency?

Many times I've heard her say "Well I ate three crackers at lunch and had a little salad for dinner," and that would be her entire set of meals for the day. Not every day, but quite a number of them. I doubt she ever eats a complete three meals. She doesn't take vitamins. She drinks an average amount of water, but it's usually just that -- water. Nothing with vitamins, except the occasional habiscus or cranberry juice. When she does eat, it's usually something healthy, the stuff you'd find at health food grocery stores -- noodles with some sort of cheese, salad with chicken, soups, etc. Once in a while she'll eat fast food. Nothing packed full of vitamins.

So is there any vitamin she could be missing that might be causing these behavioral problems? And if so, should she simply go to the store and buy a bottle of vitamins? I'm rather worried about her, and to be honest, I only see a very minimal difference since she's been on these meds. I don't think it's worth it.

A little information on her...She doesn't work out very much, she's 22, and 140lbs.

I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I did my best to find the most suitable one. Thanks for any help you could give me.

Hi Dopesick - everybody here is right..... a good balance of vitamins is essential (especially the "B" ones in this case).

BUT, BUT, BUT.......... Let me bring this to your attention.... I have a good friend who was put on Zoloft for moodiness and now he has bouts of extreme depression which he DID NOT HAVE before starting on the Zoloft.... So for whatever it's worth, there might be a connection.
Good Luck :angel: