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On August 2, 2004 my son Kristopher, age 25, died from Addison's Disease. He had gone to the Drs. and even been admitted to the hospital with ALL the symptoms of Addison's but was NEVER diagnosed. They kept telling us nothing was wrong and on his last visit, 2 weeks before he died, he was diagnosed with depression and given Zoloft (another symptom of Addison's). They failed to recognize or even care that he had lost another 13 pounds in two and a half weeks and was still very ill. No more tests were done. It was a senseless death. Kris was a wonderful young man with a young wife and a little girl who are lost without him. We are ALL lost without his smile, his voice, his beautiful heart....I cannot beleive I will never see him again in this lifetime. I alternate between rage at the Drs. who let him die and grief over a loss that I will NEVER get over.

The reason I came here and posted this msg. is simple. I am Kris' voice, his strength now. I need to tell his story. I don't want anyone to suffer the way Kris did...mostly in silence because the Drs. kept saying there was nothing wrong. I don't want any family to go through what my family has gone through!!

So, if you are sick and the Doctors are ignoring your symtoms or telling you it is all in your head....please, PLEASE find another doctor and if that doesn't work...find a another until someone listens to you. DON'T give up....the answer is out there.