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I have had insomnia for 6 weeks. Cant fall asleep and can't stay asleep. Get only 3 or 4 hrs. sleep each night and that is with sleeping pills. Today I went to a Sleep Specialist and he diagosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Anyone else out there with insomnia been told that this was the cause? I have been on Zoloft for 5 weeks, but he said it must not be the right medicine, since I haven't noticed any improvement.
Any one relate?
to kay kay
up the zoloft dose and try it for another 2 weeks, it may be almost ready to start working for your GAD
is it pretty common for Zoloft to take the full 8 weeks to kick in? so you think I should give it more time? Also, have you heard of GAD causing extreme insomnia, or could it have been the Zolfot?
I have my sleeping test tonight! YIPPY I am so excited. Anyways~ I was diagnosed with depression last July and was put on Welbutrin and it was AWFUL! I had the worst paranoia in the world on that stuff. The only good benefit was that I began losing weight! I was then switched to Prozac and began having major head aches and felt like I was going to pass out. I decided to give Zoloft a chance before giving up, and it WAS doing the trick after a few weeks. My Dr. bumped my dose up to 100 mg. during Christmas time, and now I'm not sure if I need to be bumped again, or if my irritability is due to my sleeping issues.

I went to see an Internist this past Tuesday because I thought I might have had Fibromyalgia, or hypothyroid, and she said they she was almost 99% positive I was suffering from Sleep Apnea. After doing some research I think she's right, so we'll see tonight.

Best of luck!
to kaykay, zoloft usually starts working soomer but IMO is worth trying a bit longer and at a higher dose
its a prozac type med and these often help a lot with GAD, doc thinks GAD is the cause of your sleep problems

occasionally 2 or more of these meds need to be tried before finding 1 that works for a person